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let the children guide us

Learn life from the children.

I realized it as soon as I saw the behavior of a bunch of children. Its Diwali time and a few children were having trouble fixing up the light to decorate their play area outside the building. A security guard was walking by and the kids asked for help very humbly. “Hello uncle, can you please help us with this?”. The security guard felt very happy and fixed the light. For next 5 minutes, the overjoyed kids drowned the guard with Diwali wishes and yelled out loud the thanks. “Happy Diwali uncle, thank you very much”. All the 7 to 8 kids did the same. 

I just imagined what would have happened if a few normal adults were there. Firstly, we would have called the guard as if it was his duty to fix the light and then yelled at him for not having an electrician available. Festival wishes? Forget it. If we wish, the security guard would ask for money or so we may think. So why wish at all. Thank the guard? “he is being paid to do all this. Why should I thank?”

Whoa. What a stark difference in the approach. And the best part is, look who is teaching whom? We, adults only by age, are teaching / parenting the children how to behave and how to live?

A sincere request to all adults to resist our temptation to teach children and tell them what to do. Instead, let us try and learn from them. Lets just ask ourselves these questions:

  • Who is more charming?
  • Who is happier?
  • Who spreads more joy?
  • Whose smile is contagious?
  • Whose love is pure?
  • Who sees the things as they are?

Of course, the answer to all these questions is Children.

Let children guide our behavior. We can teach them a few necessities of life, but they teach us life itself.