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we are God’s best bad idea

We live in a world of crazy nonsense. Sure, go ahead and deny it. But, the truth is what it is. We live in a world of best bad ideas. We invented honk, we invented alcohol, we invented phones, and we invented religion. Take a close look at all of them. They are thriving. So, if the best bad ideas are thriving then what about the best good ideas that a human as invented. Think. Think. Nothing comes to your mind that is best for everyone. Take another lifetime and you cannot think about one point that is good for everyone. Reason? These are created by human being, a selfish human being.

Now let us look at the best good idea that God had. Air, water, peace, love. Well, God also has bad days. God created human beings. By far, human being is God’s best bad idea. The rest were great. Think about this. All that human has created doesn’t give us eternal happiness, only nature and natural things do.

We are God’s best bad idea. We can change it by protecting and building the God’s good ideas. The nature of nature is simple. What comes from nature goes back into nature. Simple fact. God created human being with the same law. Just that God added another ingredient called “ability to think”. Grossly misused and utterly in a wrong direction.

Most of us continue to be God’s best bad idea.