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respect women

“They scan me with their eyes from top to bottom”

My cousin told me as I was helping her wear the toe rings during her marriage. It shook me. Shook me so bad thinking why would some guy scan a woman from top to bottom. I knew that there are some animals in the world who do that. But, I started noticing people around me and observed their behavior towards women. What I observed was so shockingly devilish and sad and unfortunate that no words can explain the animal in us.

If there is enough power in a man’s eyes, a lady walking in front of him would go through a scanner and come out only with bones. This is just like a person walking through a scanner in the airport. I saw a lot of men who look at women as if they are going to hunt them down and eat up.

It is no surprise that the following sayings have come:

“Talk to me and not to my breasts”

“Why cant men have eye contact with women? Because, breasts don’t have eyes”

“I can tell if a woman is coming behind me or not, depending on the eye movement of the guy I am talking to in front of me”

I am not talking just about the illiterate person on the road or a rowdy. People who carry the most dirtiest minds are the literates. I have observed that the most educated are prone to this disease. Are you thinking about the young crowd? Very funny.. the best of the best senior-most people are prone to this disease. The 60+ old men inclusive.

Did you ever attend a party with the corporate men? “that lady is too sexy, you are too lucky to lead her. What all do you do?” These are the conversations in a corporate party.


Seriously Yuck…

I used to feel that dogs are worse to follow the female ones and make scene on the roads. men take the cake. They are the worst of the category.

I am not a gay nor having a menopause.

But, things need to change. Why are men so hungry and desperate for flesh? I say it flesh as they are not interested in the mind nor the heart.

To all the men in this world… If I understand Women correctly, they don’t need any chivalry nor special treatment. Just treat them as any other human being… with respect. That will do.