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give me some space

I have a super favorite person in my family who I speak to everyday. She called me yesterday with a lot of concern in her voice an asked me if everything was fine. “Yes” I said and enquired why is the question. That is when I realized that I have not been speaking to her regularly in last few days. I was too preoccupied with myself. So I told her that everything is fine and I just needed my space for a while. Firstly she was offended a bit and then said “do you want to talk about it”. There is nothing I can’t share with her, but the fact is there’s nothing to share. So I said “No, there’s nothing to talk. I just want to spend sometime with myself”. She gave a big smile and said “I now grant you your space”.

I just did a quick Google search of the phrase “give me some space” and found how cheaply it was reduced to a girl friend / boy friend thing. Everyone needs some space in this super fast world. Space to think about self, about family, about work, about the world. Yes, one needs space to think about others. We all crave for that space everyday. Most of the people find it in rest rooms, long drive to work, yoga sessions, swimming, gymming, walking etc.

It is important to spend time with self. After all I live my life and I need to know what’s going on in my mind and make plans. The work pace these days does not allow us to clearly think and as I see around me most of us live a very mechanical life. We don’t question, we just follow. This “Me” time helps me a lot to ignore all that is happening around and place them in perspective. It’s a great feeling I get after such thought process. I say great feeling as I come out with tremendous clarity.

“Give me some space” or the “Me time” is not a new concept. It is very popular in all forms of meditation and yoga. People who have time for proper exercises don’t need a separate “me time” it’s only for others who feel they are busy carrying the weight of the world. :).

Go ahead and try this and let me know how you feel. Time to call my family member whose grant of “space” is depleting. :).