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it’s difficult to live free

A large percentage of us strive for independence and freedom. Who from? We don’t know yet. All that we know is “we need freedom to do what we want”. “We need financial independence”. We keep working day after day, struggling, getting angry and fighting. 

One thing we all know, but deny is the fact that it is difficult to stay free. That is the reason, we all look at wrong directions and keep ourselves busy and not work towards being free.

What part of life, other than self, is truly under our control? None. What is under our control then? Ourselves and our thoughts. Who controls us? Ourselves. Then, what are we cribbing about? What are we working towards this so-called freedom and independence? People who realized this simple fact, did not look out for freedom. They took control of themselves and their freedom, worked on self without bothering about external elements, did what they wanted to do and became very successful and joyful individuals. You name it.

A lot others behaved like the criminals who are released from jail after decades of punishment. They cant handle their freedom, because they don’t know what to do with it. So, they let others control their freedom and hence the life.

Escaping is easy. Next time, when you say that you don’t have freedom to do what you want, ask yourself “who decides my freedom”? If the answer is not “I decide my freedom”, then please be aware that you are not living, perhaps just existing. Its not wrong to let the external factors control our life. Be aware, that it’s the choice you made to give your freedom to someone or something else. Don’t crib, fight, struggle. Make peace with yourself.

The rest, have fun with your life.