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decide dammit

We might have attended several thousands of meetings so far. Fancy slides greet us and end with either a funny note or a boring “thank you”. Especially, if it’s a strategy or an update meeting its actually painful to see how it ends. Imagine and try a slide that reads “decisions to be taken”. You start the next meeting with a slide “decisions taken and progress made”. The meetings will be much more productive and importantly, relevant people will start to attend these meetings or forced to attend.

People, organizations, countries fail because of indecisive behavior.

We need to make several decisions from the time we wake up until the time we sleep, including those activities of waking up and sleeping..

  • What do I wear today?
  • Do I go by bike or car?
  • Which specialization do I take?
  • What should I eat?
  • Should I accept the offer?
  • Where do I invest?
  • When will these meetings end? Why doesn’t she decide and get over with it?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

There is just one quality that separates the successful people from the normal. No. Its neither capability nor opportunities. Its just the simple ability to decide.

We all suffer from our own and other’s indecisiveness. From a politician to a police person to a bank employee to a maid servant to a air hostess to a bar tender.

Lets look at why is it so difficult to decide? Or else, let me put it this way. What was our state of mind when we took a decision immediately.

  • We had clarity of thought
  • We were confident and trusted ourselves
  • We had information
  • We were capable to accept the result
  • We knew how to execute the decision
  • We were empowered

Every decision has 2 results as we know it. Right and wrong. But it’s the indecisiveness that plays the havoc and worst of the results one can have.

I’ve realized a life with decisions is much faster, better, successful and happier. Not just for self, but for people around me too.