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don’t make a hash of yourself

Twitter has become a landmine these days. No no, not gold mine. I meant landmine. Tweets have more hash tags than the content. The over enthusiasm to get noticed is overcome by the intention of sharing.

While it is important to follow certain best practices in tweeting, its certainly not necessary to overdo on them.

So what is the right amount of activity that we should do on Twitter? Who knows? Everyone is an expert on Twitter :). So much so that a few people who really know about the platform actually keep quiet.  Nevertheless, it gives a chance for people like me to talk :).

Here is a quick presentation on some of the basics of Twitter. This presentation does not cover the technical part and neither will it make anyone a Twitter expert. It just sticks to a few basics of getting someone to get started and be sensible tweeter.

You can view it at the link below.

Happy to hear your thoughts.