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maintaining fame is never as interesting as achieving it

As soon as I got my first job, my Dad said a very simple, but a profound thing (as I realize it now) – “Don’t buy anything until you have the capacity to maintain”

I thought I am not supposed to buy until I have the capacity to afford the purchase. Why maintain?

As it turns out, we spend more money, time and effort in maintaining than in purchasing. Now, here is the depth of the message. This simple looking harmless sentence applies to all parts of our life.

  • Do not get into a relationship if you cannot be loyal
  • Do not buy a car if you don’t have money to buy fuel or get it repaired
  • Do not fight for a promotion if you cannot deliver
  • Do not start a company unless you have the capacity to run it and grow

I am sure you might be thinking of several such examples. Let us extend this message a little bit more.

I recently attended an interview of one of the best brand guru’s alive. The interviewer asked

Interviewer: “What do you think is the biggest problem with the next generation?”

Pat comes the answer from the brand guru “Leadership. The next generation is not going to produce great leaders. They get bored too easily. Their excitement in achieving something is completely lacking in breathing life into it. Be it an idea or a job or a relationship.”

I think that is a brilliant analysis of what’s happening around and what is yet to come. Maintaining is not as half as interesting as achieving. If you look around, the successful people are those who know how to maintain and do it well with commitment.

Look at our politicians, movie stars, sports people and fast track promoters at office… most of them struggle as their focus was simply on achieving fame than maintaining it.

Its easy to start a blog, but sure is challenging to maintain  :). Happy to hear your thoughts.