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50 years and going strong

When was the last time you saw a couple completing 50 years of marriage? Are you confident that you are going to see one 10 years down the line? Its ok, you don’t have to answer. 🙂

Last week, my in-laws completed 50 years of togetherness. Unbelievable. They still fight, still care for one another and most importantly happy with each other. I asked them for a few tips for completing 50 years of a happily married life. Below is what they said and what I read between lines:

  • Committed from the day one. Mother-in-law said in no ambiguous tone that the day she got married, she knew that this is it. They are completely committed to each other. This is something we don’t see today, the groom is more interested to look at wife’s girlfriends. Talk about commitment
  • A healthy life is very important. Sounds simple? Of course, we need to be healthy enough to see the day
  • Don’t try to be happy every day. The life will take you through several ups and downs. Don’t expect it to be a smooth drive. Celebrate the ups and be together during the downs. This is what gets two people closer and closer
  • Do it together. Every little thing or decision, take it together. Do not dominate each other
  • Respect. This is the significant part. One needs to respect each other. each other’s tastes, choices, preferences and for what they are
  • Have kids. Yes. Kids help to make the bond stronger. If you are worried about the population too much, then adopt one. The fancy couples these days avoid kids and responsibility. What they are really avoiding is the happiness

I feel so blessed to be part of the same family. By the way, they fight every day and laugh about it before they retire for the day. This smart looking cool couple is such a super drive.

50 years of togetherness. Phew. Here’s to next 50.