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don’t sell your expert for free – learn from Chanakya

Chanakya had a way of meeting people whom he had work with. He never directly approached them and asked for help. He brought them closer to him and made them help him without even asking. Here is one example. One day, Chanakya had to meet the King Porus and seek his backing with a huge army. Chanakya’s friend Indradutt was the prime minister of King Porus. Indradutt offered to set a meeting with the King so that Chanakya can seek the help. It looked so natural to Indradutt, but not for Chanakya.

Chanakya was about to be felicitated the next day at a prestigious gathering. The chief guest was none other than King Porus. Chanakya took this opportunity and delivered a great speech that King Porus not only felicitated Chanakya, but also offered the help of his army.

Put a price tag on your genuine expertis

What’s the lesson in this? In our day to day sales and marketing life, we position few of our colleagues as thought leaders and experts in front of the customers. What do we do then? We take this so called expert to the feet of the customer. The expert is approaching the needed. Sure. The customer makes the expert wait for a while in the reception and then gives exactly 15 minutes to deliver her expertise. Everything is out of the window. Next sales call and one more expert at the feet of the customer.

Is it the best way to do? Surely not.

Imagine a situation where you set a platform and bring the customer to meet the expert. The said expert will be delivering a great presentation and sets the level playing field before she meets the said customer. This platform can be an event, seminar or whatever that helps elevate the position of our in-house expert.

In the second case, the customer really respects the expert and eats out of her hands and not let her wait at the reception. Of course the 15 minutes now becomes an elaborate dinner meeting.

The lesson is simple. Put a price tag on your expert and her thought leadership. Do not just put them in front of the customer and sell for free.

When was the last time you got real expertise for free?

Happy to know your thoughts.