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the why of life

Its funny how we see the same message everywhere once we start believing in one. I saw a TED video by Simon Sinek a few months back where he explains the importance of thinking through “why” before we shout out loud about what we have and how we do it. So the message that got stuck in my mind was “why”. Ask “why” for everything you do.

Later I started reading Steve Job’s biography. The message was clear there. Steve Jobs knew “why” he was doing what he was doing. “Why” gives you the clarity and is driven by passion. Alright, I moved on to some of Warren Buffet’s speeches… once again “why”. Now, I turned to an age old book “Man’s search for meaning”. Surprise… “Why” again.

The message is clear. If you don’t know “why” you are doing what you are doing, there is no real success or joy. This thought is so powerful, that it works in our day to day life and in impacting the society at large.

“Why” helps you focus, be relevant, prioritize. “Why” helps you dream. If you don’t ask “why” you will be constantly guided by other’s demands for the rest of your life.

I was thinking about New Year resolutions. After all, that is the hot topic and everyone is going to ask each other about it over the lunch table. So I asked myself “why”. Resolution is a “should”. I should fulfil my resolution. But most of the resolutions I hear or make are not achieved. Reason? We are not committed to it. Reason? We do not know “why” we took the resolution in the first place.

This year, do think about “why”. The concept is much deeper than a 300 word blog. It will surely help each one of us build a better life.

A very happy new year. Be happy.