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a very important “f” word

Look at what all I have to do to make you read my blogs :). Dirty tricks eh?

Actually not. Learnt something very basic last week. Thought I would let you know this simple fact of life, yet so powerful.

So this very important “F” word was “Focus”.

We do several things each day and end up exhausted wanting more hours. We do a lot of things in a day – Gym, read a ton of stuff, office, music, learn new languages, social networking, catch up with friends, pray and so on. Still not satisfied with life. A very well-known fact is that “we can do just about so much in a given day or career”. It surely differs from a person to person and one’s choice.

Ok, the point is everything is achievable. If only one prioritizes and starts focusing on one thing at a time. Its amazing what a person can achieve if only one applies mind to it. Its not surprising to look back and see that most of the things we achieved had solid application of mind behind it. The ones we could not do, we really were never serious. This is not a sweeping statement, but a fact in most cases. Well, I am not talking about exceptions.

So the two important keywords are:

  • Prioritize
  • Apply your mind

Of course, the most important “F” word – Focus.