While writing the part-2, someone asked me if the reason I like those styles are because the situations (in the end) were favorable to me. Wrong. I like those as they produced great results, not just for me but the entire team. Come to think of it, I haven’t realized most of them until I started writing about it. 🙂

Alright coming back to the list:

Energy: this is one such example of me realizing while writing. All great managers / leaders I worked with are high on energy. One can work relentlessly work for hours together, other keeps on asking to have fun, another can’t just take smile off her face whatever the situation offers. Most of them maintained a very good lifestyle (early to rise and early to bed). A fully fit person (with basic cerebral qualifications) can really think and think fast. Of course they can take decisions. I am yet to see a low energy manager creating a high energy team.

Manager grows if the team grows: I really wonder how many managers out there know this. I am sure they do :). I get really uncomfortable when a manager cribs about her own team members in front of others. I was talking to one of my managers and asked him why is she not getting promoted. The response was an eye opener “Kiran… I cannot get promoted without the team being promoted. Have you ever seen a Sr. Vice President having a team with Assistant Manager being the next designation in the team?” Well, it cleared two things in my mind. 1) Manager should never look down upon one’s own team, but help them grow faster. 2) Team comes first

The show must go on: Another tremendous lesson I learnt. Many times we see that the leader leaves the organization or the role and the team collapses. No, this is not a great testimony to the leadership. If the company / team fails after a leader exits, it is a true reflection of how bad the leadership was. The team created by a great leader will continue irrespective of the leader being around or not. A great leader empowers the team to write their own destiny and go on with the journey. Its a small world and great leaders ensure that their team members are doing great wherever they are. This is a great question to ask if you are recruiting someone in a manager / leadership position. Check what happened to the team and whereabouts.

Instinct: You might find this weird, but true in my case. Leaders seem to have great instinct. Me and my manager were executing an activity. This was new for both of us, so close to zero experience in the activity. After a month, manager walks up to me and asked to drop the activity. I was puzzled and was unhappy that one month’s passionate effort was going down the drain. I fought and asked for additional two months. Result: the activity was dropped. I had a few such experiences with the same manager over a period of several years. My lesson was clear. Instinct is a good animal to have in one’s gut. BTW are you surprised when I said several examples? Well, I was asked to experiment with 15% of my bandwidth.


There still are some very good experiences I had with my managers / leaders. I tried to cover some of the key factors. Id like to take this opportunity to thank all my managers / leaders who guided me to where I am today. Naah.. where I am going to be tomorrow :).

Do share your thoughts.