No. This is not a finance spiel nor am I going to talk about the nominal or real value of money. I am just talking about how things have changed w.r.t billing rates, working hours, salaries in India. More than that, I am talking about the cultural integration between the US and India.

Well, this blog does not prove anything. Just stating few facts that occur in our day-to-day lives

  • First time it dawned on to me was when one of my American friend (my colleague in pre-sales) sent me this message “The customer meeting is a day after makar sankranti. You can send the information as soon as you are through with flying kites”. You know what shocked me then? I started searching for calendar and figuring out when was the festival J.
  • I went to restaurant, based in India, and I was hardly able to understand the names of dishes.  E.g. “Grilled New York strip with herb butter and creamed potato”.. well? Best part is people are ordering coke in place of butter milk at the restaurants.
  • One of my customers smiled when I used the phrase “cost savings” as part of using offshore resources. The salaries are getting closer now. Where am I going to save now with a clause of x% rate increase each year
  • I started receiving emails from my US counterparts throughout my day (IST) and vice versa. Who was the person who asked for a 48 hour day? You got it J
  • Many Indian’s have started returning. Brain Gain is what the Government is saying. Dollar Drain is what it is perhaps
  • Increased use of Indians in Hollywood movies, increase number of Hollywood movies shot in India, and Hollywood movies releasing on the same day or the day before in India
  • I went out for shopping in the US, but ended up buying nothing as everything I saw was available in India with a cost difference of the money I might end up paying to the customs
  • Well some politician in the US said – “Kashmir is India’s personal issue…” Thanks for respecting.

I am sure, there are many other factors and examples of these factors that are bringing the two nations together. Key thing is to see how this integration helps in making things better for both countries.